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Nepal's Indigenous Peoples, officially recognized as 59 different communities, are the custodians of distinct cultures, languages, spiritual practices, indigenous knowledge and biological diversity. They boast of their own mother tongues, traditional cultures, written and oral histories, traditional homelands and geographical clusters, and they comprise 36 percent of the country's total 26.5 million population. More than 25 more communities are now in the process of being recognized as Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous Media Foundation, established by journalists belonging to diverse indigenous communities, believes in the power of media to enable Indigenous Peoples to fight for their constitutional, fundamental and human rights, safeguard their unique practices, transfer their indigenous knowledge and skills to future generations, promote cultural and linguistic diversity and peaceful existence, as well as to protect biological diversity and achieve ecological sustainability.

Registered under the Company Act of Nepal as a trust/not-for-profit organization on 11 April 2011, Indigenous Media Foundation cherishes a dream to support Nepal's Indigenous Peoples through best possible media and communication channels like publication, radio, TV, online, social media and interpersonal communication by engaging them in dialogues, debates and discussion. It strives to facilitate exchanges of information and ideas as well as transform their lives by supporting them in understanding what they rightfully deserve.


We envision a society where multiple cultures, languages, races and religions survive, prosper, are valued, embraced and celebrated with equal rights and dignity.


Our goal is to help Indigenous Peoples make a sense of events affecting them, engage them in dialogues and take actions to improve their lives.


Our mission is to provide a forum through which  Indigenous Peoples can celebrate their distinct culture, language, history, rituals, meantime help inform, connect and empower people of a mosaic of divergent cultures, languages, races, and help them to safeguard and transfer their indigenous knowledge, skills, wisdom, language, culture, rituals, heritages to the younger generations and understand their rights.



Through the means of media, we aim to:

  • Safeguard Indigenous Peoples’ unique practices, distinct cultures, languages, rituals and help transfer their indigenous knowledge and skills to the younger generation.
  • Advocate on behalf of Indigenous Peoples in relation to their needs and interests in media and communications as well as to inform, connect and empower them through diverse media channels.
  • Enable dialogues and debates between Indigenous Peoples and those in power and policy making level through media.
  • Enhance communication to maintain social cohesion and harmony, by offering Indigenous Peoples access to appropriate information.
  • Protect, promote and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples in Nepal through campaigns.
  • Provide mentoring and trainings for journalists from indigenous communities and development media professionals.
  • Promote remote Indigenous media sector in terms of its role in maintaining, promoting and supporting diverse Indigenous cultures and languages of remote communities.
  • Support the production of media tools, content and programming that strengthens languages, culture, rituals in remote Indigenous communities and leads to improved enjoyment of life and betterment of circumstances, as well as to help in building capacity within and raise the profile of the remote Indigenous media sector.

Indigenous Media Foundation
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